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Why is it so hard to actually write something decent? 

I just read the most ludicrous research on how writing makes people better from diseases and whatnot. It said there that people who write regularly have less Asthma attacks. 

That's because they're not outside playing ball games, or sitting in the park being ganged up by polen.

But I guess that's besides the point. I should focus on actually writing something, instead of whining about it.

The thing is, I sometimes hate writing. Especially when I HAVE TO write. That's when it's hateful. 

I need to get this blog post done. I hate it already. 

I have to finish that book i started. Hate the book.

I had an amazing idea for a short story, I must write it down! Press the 'dislike' button.

So, this is not happening. I'm not writing this post. This is not it. This is not that post. It's just whining and complaining. I'm not writing that post. 

And here's a picture of a cat, because, why not.

Laura Pradowhining, meta