Money money money

I did think the sabbatical through. I was very careful when planning. And I have a control sheet for all my spending and every single bill and regular payment I must do. What I don’t have is a lot of wiggle room on my budget.

I want to make this money and time last, so I’m giving myself very strict guidelines for spending… which I managed to break time and again during this week.

There was money for groceries, money for transportation and rent and bills, and even money for drinking. But then I think to myself (what a wonderful world): oh, it’s just five euros, it won’t impact my budget! And then five turns into ten, that looks a looot like twenty and soon their friend 100 is just gonna come by with vodka and cheap wine and spend a few minutes, and perhaps I’d like to join them? Hell freaking yes.

I’ve always been bad at saving money, and it was magical that I was able to come up with enough money to have my own sabbatical. I can only imagine what would have happened if I actually made an effort to save it. I’d be buying one of those Greek islands that are on sale.

So what have I done? Spent one third of my budget for the month with beer, wine and indulgences. Going to IKEA just to look and spending 30 euros, which weren’t previously allocated for that. Did I need that sensor activated lamp for the internal part of my wardrobe? Hell no, but it will make my life easier, so I must have it. Same for the new placemats. The old ones were a pain to clean, these will make things easier. And so on…

I got scared when I realized that I’ll be on the red by the end of April if I keep this up. And even if I don’t, I’m already beyond my budget and I’ll have to come up with some other means to pay for the bills for this month.

Hum… anyone looking for a cat sitter?

  • Lia Carrari

    Don’t leave your house with credit card, take just enough money to buy what you need. Than you will be forced to spend only what you need.

    If you are going somewhere far and want to take your credit card in case of an emergency, wrap the card in tape. Many times. If you have to use it you will spend some time unwrapping and thinking and will probably give up and save money.

    • Laura Prado

      Thanks for the tips, I will do this. Can’t be spending my sabbatical money. Or I’d have to… work again. oh myyyyy

  • Dre Michelotti

    Na hora de fazer do couchsurfing um airbnb!