One day, things start falling into place

The bad news, let's get it out of the way: we couldn't complete the bike ride. We got past the 100 kilometres mark (just before Drogheda, in Castlebelingham, see map below), and the sweeper bus came in a told us at that rate we wouldn't make it to the end in time, and they had to take us in. 

Day 137 - 12 Minutes

Day 137 - 12 Minutes

According to the app, this was actually day 30, week 8 of my 17-week plan. And to say it's surprising I'm still doing this is an understatement. It's unbelievable.

Day 4 - When nothing happens

I used to wake up every day at 7, but I didn't actually wake up. My brain remained sleeping, thinking of my pillow, telling me how deliciously warm my blankets are. So I'd feed the cats, maybe catch up on the Whatsapps of the evening past and then fall back into bed the moment my boyfriend left for work. Then wake up all over again realizing I was gonna be late for work and doing everything in a hurry.

Day 3 - I nearly lose my lungs

First interval: great, I'm way below the expected pace, I'm getting the hang of this shit! I'll be doing 5k tomorrow. In reality, why am I not just going for the 5k run? I clearly can handle it!

Second interval: oh, fuck, my knee hurts. But I'll power through it. I'm a born athlete, as we saw earlier.

Too happy to write

It's a reality. If you're too happy you don't get much done. 

Let's all be miserable together and get shit done.