Guys like me

Today, talking on Skype with a friend, we came to a conclusion: working drains us.  And that, in turn makes us unable to have hobbies.

And the reason why work drains us is because we're unable not to take it seriously, no matter what is it. No matter how simple it is, or how part time it is. We take it seriously and do not want to do a bad job of it. And then, you go home in the evening and where is the energy to do whatever else you could potentially do? It's been completely spent on work.

That's the reason why I had to quit my job to write a book. That's why I haven't written anything lately. That's also why I started a blog. Something to write about. I can't write fictitious stories, I might as well write about my life.

I wonder if it's just us. 

Laura Pradolife